Monday, April 13, 2009

More fun with food: the lessons just keep on coming!

I really missed everyone at yoga this Saturday - the comraderie and the sweaty detoxification! This weekend brought me two days of eating and learning that I intend to use the rest of my life.
On Friday night, Matt and I went out with another couple to Rock Bottom. I did a nice run that day, and I decided not to sweat the food (but still eat consciously) so I had a pint of beer and shared nachos with my girlfriend. By dinnertime, we were not too hungry, so we split another appetizer -- titan toothpicks, anyone? They are fried tortillas stuff with cheesy goo and spices. I ordered another beer, and by the time I had finished eating, and sipped my ale, my stomach was in pain. Bad pain, like the I-can't-breathe-deeper-than-my-ribs kinda pain. I had to go home, take Tums, Pepcid, eventually tea. It took a few hours to feel any relief. As much as it hurt, I was kinda psyched afterward: I truly have changed how and what I eat, and my body cannot handle the rich and gooey and fried stuff.
I didn't eat much at all Saturday, and then Easter Sunday, we made a delicious feast of basa (fish), salad greens and blueberries, potatoes, lean meat, shrimp, asparagus and pie for our friends and families. I ate a little of everything -- much more than I ate Friday night, and - no pain, no problems. The difference was the food -- all homemade, full of good stuff, made with love. Amazingly, I also did not gain a pound. Wow, the beauty of real food! I love to eat out, but I am feeling a strong desire to "cook in," "eat in," and be more connected to our food. Or maybe I should just give up Rock Bottom ??!! :)
Thanks for listening and I can't wait to see folks on Sunday!


  1. Kelly, look for me trailing you on Sunday while running...only this time I may be drafting behind you!!!!! XO to your tummy but yes, these small reminders do serve a purpose now and then, don't they. Missed you too on Saturday!

  2. You were missed on Saturday. Rock Bottom served a valuable lesson, which I'm sure will stick with you for quite some time. We all need a gentle reminder every now and then. It's empowering to know that you have transended the eating habits of the typical American and you have completly transformed your physiology!