Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Excited about the Race for the Cure, et al...

I'm so glad so many of us will be at this event together! I am going to register through the Healthplex, and if anyone else needs help with registering, etc., please let me know. Maybe next week, we can pick a spot to meet at the start! (Ginger, you will be with all of us in spirit!)

OK, so I guess I didn't realize that this is a recovery week. I did my intervals, my strength and toning and then went to Chris' Yoga for Crosstraining class tonight. Youch! My inner thighs are still aching from squeezing a block between them while doing many, many core exercises. It was tough and terrific -- and best of all, I got to sweat through it with Paul! :)

I may not see all of you Saturday so let me take this time to chime in about this great, living community - I thank you all for this time, for sharing your victories and vices, for being an amazing and inspiring group of folks! As my kids would say, "YOU ROCK!"

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  1. Kelly,

    Awesome job on rallying the troops to join you for the Race for the Cure! Wish I could join you guys.

    Proud of all who are toeing the line for a great cause.