Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What the ... ?

It happens everytime ... I think I am in pretty decent shape, and then -- WHAM -- Chris sends a workout that kicks not just my ass but my entire quivering, can't-move-another-muscle body! :) What a challenge, what a different kinda hard - and, it's all good!
Okay, BTWGers! Here are your teams for the GoGirl Triathlon!
** Balance Through Wellness Gals 1 (BTWG 1): Kelly Rota-Autry, swim; Ginger Schonberg, bike; and Joyce Hertko, run ...
**Balance Through Wellness Gals 2 (BTWG 2) Alison Cole, swim; Margaret Fallin, bike; and Cindy Boll, run ...
** Balance Through Wellness Gals 3 (BTWG 3) Sherri DeCoursey, swim; Lisa Searles, bike; and Jen Johansen, run
When: Saturday, August 29, 2009
Where: Eagle Creek Park
Time: 8 a.m.
All proceeds to benefit the Julian Center, for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Come and join us in the fun!
Go Girls: Team registrations is $90, or $30 each. Some of you already paid, thanks! I am getting everything sent to my address, and will forward information and stuff as it comes in! Thanks for doing this, I think it will be a blast!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

team names for Go Girl triathlon

Go Girls:
I was in the process of registering our teams and drew a blank for team names! We need 2 team names and I am not feeling real creative right now, so anyone, please, chime in with ideas.
I think we should use BTWG....we can be "Bridging the Wellness Gals??" "BTWG: It's a lifestyle!"
See, I know someone can do better than this!
We do have 2 teams for the event, and and all ideas are welcome!