Saturday, September 19, 2009

My first tattoo, and other news

Hi all!

I've been trying to upload a slideshow from the Go Girls Triathlon for all BTWGers to see, but no luck yet! But check out this photo -- and my profile -- fishes Alison, Sherri and me, at the start of the race! I think our smiles tell it all - what a great day! So much energy, so much fun -- get ready for next years, gals - because we are recruiting already! :) I kept my "ink" (Sharpie marker tattoo) as long as I could to remind of the complete joy of sharing health, support, community and Eagle Creek with an amazing group of people! As Sherri says, "WE ROCK!"
Sherri and I also shared the Race for the Races, a 5K to benefit IPS last Saturday, the 12th. It was a beautiful morning for a run and again, such a positive spirit to the event! My kiddos Emma and Sam walked the 1-mile family fun walk in 19 minutes and were quite proud of themselves!
It just strikes me: I am not meant to do this isolation! Whether it's ganging up to test the triathlon waters, meeting a friend to run with a cause, racing down the highway to make one of Chris' yoga classes - it's all good. And it all feels better, funner, and more alive, because I can share this with you! Yes, there are days I like to sweat alone, singing badly or counting loudly to the tunes on the shuffle. But misery is the only reason to love company: Company/companions/compadres are also for celebrating, challenging (ourselves, each other) and creating new stuff in each of us -- and who doesn't love new stuff??
Here's to sharing new stuff, in all its wildest and wackiest forms!