Wednesday, March 4, 2009

moving mayhem ...

Fellow Project Peeps!
I miss you much and feel very disconnected at the moment. I spent last weekend moving my family from our home of 13 years to a new home about 4 miles away. I think I underestimated how tough this would be - physically and emotionally - so I did not take much time off from work, and worked 'round the clock to make it happen.
In the midst of the boxes and bags and "now where do I put this?" decisions, our hard drive crashed and I lost all my BTWG logs. We are trying to recover them, but the loss of computer also kept from me logging on to read blogs, daily check ins, etc....And then my son got sick, work got worse and my crap (stuff in boxes) seems to multiply every time I clear one of those cardboard suckers out! In short, I feel like I lost control of everything in my life, and I don't do well with chaos.
I am focused on the positive: a new space for my family, with lots of birds and trees ... a new place to make memories and share with family and friends (yes, promise to host a BTWG party when I dig out)...I am grateful for the love and support of my family (my two amazing brothers who flew out here just to help us move) and my friends who have helped in so many ways to make this transition. (One friend who really supports my effort with The Project even made my healthy food at her home on Sunday, so I could keep eating right - how great is that!)
More than anything, I am SO GLAD that throughout this crazy time, I have been "in" BTWG as best as I can! I remember thinking that this - this STUFF of life - was the reason I could NOT do BTWG (until Chris helped me identify my lame excuse)... And now, somehow, this "gotta do this and that for BTWG" has become "I can't wait to do this and that for BTWG," because I can see how much better this all is when I take care of myself ... I missed some workouts and then doubled up on some days, too. I ate pizza on moving day, but only a slice, not a pie! :) And when I feel like I just can't breathe because of time, committments, etc., I let myself breathe HARD as I run or lift weights through my workouts!
So things are a mess and probably will be for awhile (grrr.....) And today I think I will try a run in my new neighborhood with some sunshine and a smile. I can't wait to see you on Saturday and hear how things are going! Thank you again for reading and being part of this process!


  1. I read something once that resonated with me, regarding chaos and messes: that when things are crazy and chaotic, something big and lovely is about to be born. Your new living situation may be born out of this messy journey and can lead to positive change.

    But I don't envy you the move. It's a pain!

  2. Kelly, moving can be so disruptive! After living in a home for 13 years, everything around you is comfortable and so familiar. But I remember the first time I walked back in my new home after a visit of a week away. The smell was so fresh and full of possibilities! Time will help all of the chaos recede. May your new home be blessed with love, health and happiness! Can't see how it could miss with you in it!