Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday, sunday

Back to the blog! Lack of time and insight has stymied my blogging. My head has been too full of the days "to dos" that I haven't sat down to form a full sentence in weeks! :)

Where is everyone? I am missing your humor, your daily aches and achievements ... Saturday a.m.s with Chris and everyone fill me up - but your blogs are the best refills ever!

I am digging out of boxes, planning a Star Wars/Clone Wars birthday for my seven-year-old Sam and wondering if I will EVER slow down enough to hear the birds outside my great new home, or see the hawks swooping through my yard. Can you send your mind on spring break??

Still having lots of ankle tightness - feels like I've lost flexibility with the injury. Drawing on all my patience reserves right now. Paul was talking about his inner bad-guy (okay, prick) and I am thinking that mine is uber exposed right now! :) I'd like her to chill out and climb back inside for awhile ...
... Here's to a week of warm weather and cool challenges. Wishing you all the best!

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  1. Kelly!

    It was so nice to chat with a "Jersey Girl" on saturday. I came home and told Jen how you were from back east and how similar our choices seemed to be that led us to be in Indianapolis now. So cool to hear someone taking a similar path, especially when she seems pretty happy.

    Hope to talk to you more soon about IPS and your work there, which is another reason I am so glad we talked. And talking with your husband, Matt made me want to play hockey again!

    See you soon,