Sunday, February 8, 2009

ready for recovery ...

When Chris talked about recovery week after his Saturday class, I thought it all sounded good, but not really necessary. Okay, THEN I got out of bed this morning AFTER Chris' class and a really hectic week -- and I am welcoming recovery with open arms. Seriously, I was flat out EXHAUSTED today. It took all my energy to get to the store and to cook up some food for the week. I've been putting so much energy into everything lately - and I am just a wrung-out sponge right now.
I am looking forward to a lighter week, thinking I might swim for some of my aerobic training and give my joints a break! I hope everyone enjoys the rest and is raring to go for week 5!
For now, time for some Sleepytime tea .... sleep well! :)


  1. Take a well earned "break" or maybe "change" in your workout this week, you have earned it.

    I hope it all stays fun for you. You are already 25% of the way through!!!!



  2. Kelly, I am with you on needing this! Enjoy it.