Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meditation had a pretty good piece on mediation today, so I thought I would share the link. The additional articles at the end are interesting.

I've got to make time to meditate before I want to fall asleep at night. Lately, I've been getting to bed pretty late, and I wait until then to meditate. I think I need to set aside a special time, maybe light a candle ... I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts or suggestions.
Tomorrow is Friday and warm weather is on the way - what could be better!
Rock on, everyone! :)


  1. Hey Kelly,

    Meditation was the trickiest part for me my first time with the Project. And it's funny....I LOVE IT! But I don't give it the same priority as working out, and that's my bad. I need to make time for it as well. If I figure something out, I will let you know, and you do the same!!

    So glad you are doing this......



  2. One of the reasons I wanted to BTWG is because I want to meditate. I'm glad last night was med night because it really helped me.

    I was having some issues yesterday. Afer meditating, I thought of some ways to handle things. Today some things turned around without me having to do anything. I think it was the meditation (or the shoes*).

    * Spike Lee/Michael Jordan for those too young to know.