Monday, February 16, 2009

ever have one of those days ..............?

You know, when you try to be productive, and you should have just stayed on the couch all day?

A day off, a day to get some things done and reconnect with the kids ... so I start with trying to make some calls to change my address for our upcoming move (trying to be that organized, checklisted person who gets this done without sweat). Every place I call is either:
1. closed for the holiday
2. directs me to five different extensions and then disconnects
3. informs me that I have to make the request in writing .... argh!
so I try to get some done online ... that is not happening, either! Every website orders you to create an account, password, etc. and so forth -- I will need a week off to do it this way!
So I forward my mail on USPS website and call it a morning....
....Then I take to kids to see a movie at Cinema Grill .. Somehow, I leave my keys at the desk when I pay, and by the time I realize this (after the show) I find out that they were given to another, equally unorganized woman who thought she lost hers! (and left the theater, before I did, with my keys) ... long story made short: she brought them back, all is well...
So we head to the vet for a checkup for Maya, our 15-year-old pooch, and now she is set for surgery on Thursday! (Note: My intention for this week was to smile more, yea, that's working.)
I get home and commit a series of clumsy moves trying to clean the car and get ready to go do my intervals - and finally just have to laugh when I pour an entire water bottle's worth of cold H2O on my car seat!
...So I didn't maim myself or anyone else during the intervals, which is good! But, does anyone else's thighs feel like concrete?
I think I am ready to call it a night - good luck to all with the new strength and toning exercises tomorrow!


  1. Concrete thighs....oh yes!

    But it's kind of amazing how you can still do things (like run) with those cement gams!

    Keep on truckin' and tomorrow will be a better day. Hope your pup is ok! We lost a 14 year old last year and I still cry pretty often.....

  2. I WISH my thighs were as hard as concrete. Mine feel more like pudding.

    I sympathize with you -- I have those days frequently. You can tell what my kids ate for snack by looking at the mats on the floor of my car.

  3. Ohhhhhh Kelly, I am wincing just reading about your day. I've had a couple that would compare but not all on the same day. I'll be sending good thoughts for your pup on Thursday. That is totally not fun.
    Concrete thighs are #17 of Murphy's Law:
    "When having an already messed up day, your lower limbs will be subjected to feeling like concrete when doing interval training."
    Tomorrow is another day Scarlett and I know it will be better!