Tuesday, February 3, 2009

perceptions et al ....

Just read Chris' blog, and it really hit home. Yesterday, when I weighed myself, I was seven pounds lighter than when I started The Project. Sounds good, right?
... Enter perception: "Is that all? After all this hard work? Shouldn't those pounds be just sliding off my bones?"
... Then, reality comes in to confuse the perception: When is the last time I have EVER lost seven pounds? What is so HARD about eating great food that gives me more energy and exercising my stress and blues away?
Result? A growing feeling of love, strength and satisfaction. A ball of old habits unraveling, revealing the frays and weaving together something new. Newness that demands attention, documentation, planning ... and rewards with refreshing awareness and rejuvenated spirit. Gently, I nudge myself away from the perception that sabotages and inch toward the one that heals. And then, the nutrition log, and the stacks of tupperwares, the new recipes, the creative workout schedules all become part of this much bigger journey than the one I take each week to the scale.
I remember when I quit smoking -- the horrid second time -- and I struggled so much that I knew I would not smoke again. And I haven't -- because I fought for it, and in doing so, fought for me. The Project, to me, is less struggle, but similar in that I do not want to go back. I don't want to undo the good things I have done for my body and soul thusfar. My perceptions may be persistent and stubborn, but they can and will embrace change.
Thanks, Chris, for opening my eyes and heart to this lesson.


  1. After having a not so great week so far this blog really reminded what this is all about. Thank you.

  2. I am so proud of your revelation!! This is really what the project is about and Chris is such a shining example but when you look around at everyone else...they have all got the same look. It's like a life light that shows in the eyes, the smile and it beams out of you. It comes from treating your body, mind and soul the way it should be. Keep up the good work and get ready for week 4.

  3. Good going Kelly!I feel so proud for you. Isn't it so gratifying to see results and know that what you are doing now is something that you CAN do forever? I can't believe how much creativity has come out of this. I love creating meals again instead of opting for what is easiest. And for the longest time I've felt stuck in a rut. I am back to getting things done and loving it. By the way, I am really glad we finally got to meet.