Friday, January 23, 2009

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It's hard to believe we made it through the work week already! I am looking forward to yoga tomorrow - and a chance to really do better prep for week 2! I did OK at keeping my calories logged in a journal, but I was still scrambling to add up calories, figure how many I had left for the next meal, etc ... A lot of brainpower went into it, I figure I have to make this simpler.
I know I posted this earlier, but it really bears repeating to me. It is tough to get in touch with hunger - it gnaws at your stomach and your mind. And we are doing this voluntarily -- how about those folks who live like this everyday out of necessity? I met with a student who was so angry, so disrespectful -- or maybe was he just hungry? With awareness comes compassion.
I had another heavy-legged run tonight -- and I was getting pretty down about it .... then this little guy on the track (he must have been about 6 or 7) ... he was all smiles as he skipped backward in front of me and my husband, Matt. So Matt decided to give chase and it was on! The two of them ran like crazy and I smiled and trotted on (pushing my 8 effort and thinking "only 3 more minutes.") ... And then that little guy got next to me, and before I knew it, I reached out of my funk and touched his shoulder and yelled "TAG!" Somehow I took off sprinting and he quickly caught up with me and tagged me back! Those were the best 3 minutes I ever ran, thanks to my track angel!
Lots of stress this weekend: We have an inspection on our house, stuff with the kids, and some plans with friends. Is anyone else having a hard time with the social part? I mean, I find myself saying no to a lot of social invites right now -- mostly because I don't want to be "tempted" to break from my committment to The Project. I remember when I quit smoking, I did the same thing - it was a long time before I could go to out to eat, to hear music, etc ... I hope that time will give me the balance I need to figure this out - as for now, I am in a bit of hibernation mode!
Looking forward to yoga and meeting with Chris and all/any of you tomorrow!


  1. Hey Kelly, have some great photos of your family from the Day of Service - what email should I send them to?

    Great blog...such meaningful child interactions, too!

    And yes, I am laying low right now with people and things to stay focused...yet for all that I am saying no to, it still seems hard to find a moment when something isn't scheduled in life. Looking forward to seeing you. Goodnight!

  2. So much of what we do as a society is focused around food. Most of my nights out with friends at my age consist of grabbing dinner and getting drinks. I also have found myself turning down invites to avoid temptation. Even my best friend eats at home before he picks me up from work because he feels like it would be not very nice to eat in front of me. Once all this becomes habit it will get easier.

  3. Kelly - it is hard to believe it is Saturday already. I admire you being able to step back and rethink hunger. I had a similar experience that keeps me donating to Gleaner Food Bank, not just at holiday time but all year round. Hunger especially right now is a living breathing thing all around us.

  4. Aw, what a cute story about the kid and you playing tag on the track. Motivation comes in many ways.

    And I hear you about dealing with hunger. It's no fun, but at least we are doing it for reasons of health rather than being forced to live with it. It's GOT to be easier than quitting smoking!