Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowy days

So there I was, trying to convince my husband that I just couldn't shovel snow with him because of my lower back, when - SHAZAM! - Chris posts a youtube on the proper shoveling technique! It was great, actually, we had a blast in the snow with the kids, the neighbors, and our dog. I shoveled and pulled the kids on their plastic sleds around the block, and thought "surely that was sustained aerobic activity!" But by dinnertime, the guilt got me - so I went for a run inside the warm gym...
... My snow day wasn't so peaceful, though. I also had to deal with our inspection, realtors, contractors, mortgage companies, etc... and I am so thankful for Rob's earlier comment about how great it is to committed to this project in a really tense time. I could easily find any reason not to eat right, work out and meditate right now, and justify it all by the craziness. But instead I will be grateful that I am here slogging through Week 2 with all of you!
... All the good food I made Sunday is gone, so I was back in the kitchen tonight! I'm glad the kids liked it, too - just means I need to make more of everything! I find myself "snacking" a lot more this week - eating between meals. So far, veggies and low-cal popcorn, so that works. It's hard not to hide behind comfort food. It makes me feel restless -- like somehow, a huge chunk of chocolate chip cookie dough would make everything settle down. The rational person in me knows it won't, but the emotional eater just wants to fade into sugar oblivion ...
Sounds like a perfect time to meditate...


  1. Hang in there Kelly. Do you know they (whorever they is!)say that moving is right up there in the stressful events in your life? You are doing so well to keep up with this and go through the moving thing too! It is not easy. I think when all of this is done, you will be able to look back and say,"Man that was hell!" But oh what a woman you will be!

  2. Hey, Kelly. I admire your resilence to be doing this through such a stressful time. I almost feel like I'm cheating in that my life is pretty calm right now and I have no spouse or kids to include in my meal planning. It's just me! No Excuses!

    I, too, have been fighting the urge to eat more in between regular meals. I've been making the healthier choices, but sometimes I think I'm just going to cave a eat an entire pizza or go for sausage and biscuits and gravy at the Mom and Pop joint in the neighbor hood.

    Interesting, I heard a study discussed on NPR today that reveals that women have a more difficult time saying NO to their favorite foods than men. ( If that's true, then I guess it's all the more reason to have that committment!

    Hang in there. Sounds like you're doing an awesome job.

    See you Saturday!!