Wednesday, January 21, 2009

can you say CRANKY?

Hey, fellow Projecteers!
I am embarassed to admit this, but I don't think I 've ever allowed myself to feel this hungry for this long. Today, I was really feeling the hunger - cranky, jittery - and nothing to eat/to stuff it all back down. I see now how many times I have staved this off by snagging Hershey Kisses from my colleague's desk or eating lots of lunch while reading the paper, surfing the net, paying no attention. I told coworkers about The Project - so I can't hide in any unaccountable spaces. They supportingly hide the chocolate and make lunch runs in whispers now!
My run tonight felt super heavy and slow on stiff, sore legs, but it is done!! Drama defeated, at least for today!
Keep those posts rolling - you are all hilarious and the the saving grace at the end of a long day! Better than chocolate? Not better, just different, right? :)


  1. Hi, Kelly,

    Just dropped in to say Hi before heading to the gym. Thansk for your post. More to follow... --Rad

  2. We love you even if you are cranky!

  3. Kelly,

    I had a super-slow and heavy legged run today as well.

    Way to go telling your co-workers about your endevours. More people on your side is a great thing.

    One day at a time, Kelly. Congrats on almost being done with week one!!!