Friday, January 16, 2009

countdown to no excuses ...

... I am not sure about this. And, I hate the word try because that always leaves an "out." So, I guess I am in on the blogging thing -- Welcome!
I've spent the last week reading, re-reading, fretting, googling, exercising (minimally) and and eating enormous amounts of soon-to-be forbidden food (did someone mention Dove chocolates?) I am grateful for this preparation time, and yet -- like the life-long procrastinator I am -- I know I will be up at 3 a.m. Monday still planning the week's eating!
I envision myself feeling better, and stronger and lighter -- and that keeps the fire stoked. And so does this: Everytime I log on my computer, I see another post, another connection, another person who is right here with me! We WILL do this!
Are you still scared? I know I am. Getting to the root of all this -- food, exercise, stillness -- it is truly frightening. And awesome! Ready to go there, ready to rock ... so glad you are here, too!


  1. Dear Kelly,
    A beautiful post - well done! Looking forward to observing your progress - and everyone's! As we all progress together.

    john s.

  2. Love how you spent so much time reading & fretting. I waited till late to read (like I do with briefs) & then fretted.

  3. HI Kelly!!
    Welcome to the world of fun with fitness. I too fretted and ate forbidden foods on my first foray into the BTWG. Try not to miss the Dove, but, when I had to cheat, I had one chocolate chip and it seemed to take care of it. Not quite the same but did the trick.

    This week will be fun and you need to remember that!!! Not everyone is as fit as Chris and when he shows you postures or how to do the exercises, do your best to meet the form. Don't worry about how perfect it is or what everyone else can do. It's up to you to determine your edge.

    In a couple of weeks the mystery will go away along with the aprehension. All you will feel is sore muscles and a smile. I cannot tell you how great you will feel soon. It's addicting!!!

    I am here for you, girl!!