Monday, January 26, 2009

It's a start ...

Happy Week 2 to all!
Is it possible that already I am feeling more energy? Or, is it just that -- compared to last Monday -- today went well. I ate OK. I had lots of energy for my workout, even though I was sucking for air after the 30-second sprints! Work was stressful and life was stressful (did I mention we are moving into a new home during The Project?) and yet I feel less pummeled by it all. Sunday food prep helped a lot - it was great to come home to a nice dinner and know how much I could have. Perhaps my goal of being less "freaked out" this week is within reach.
Thank you to Chris and everyone at Saturday's meeting. You are all so honest and real (and freaking hilarious!) Doing this hard work with you feels really safe and right. I'm buoyed by the shared experiences -- and learning so much each day. Today, I learned that:
1. Snacking is ok, when you bring carrots and snap peas to work. And they crunch, almost like chips!
2. Thirty seconds goes by fast -- UNLESS you are running your fastest!
3. Home inspections suck. Okay, they don't suck. But having to fix a bunch of stuff in your old house before you move into your new house sucks.
4. Blogging is slightly addictive!
Stay warm and safe in the snow!


  1. Kelly!

    Way to go on starting week two! Yep, the sprints suck! But I know you will find they help everything else you are doing.

    And in regards to you moving into a new home...first off, congrats! Second: One GREAT thing about the Project is that it makes you workout in situations where you would all too often ASSUME that you simply can't. well, now you have to! Believe me, you will find the time and it will amaze you.
    When Jen and I started the last project, we were working from 9a.m. to 10 p.m. five days, and six hour days on saturdays....and we didn't miss a workout! Of course, some were at midnight (we are sick) but we did them!!!!

    Keep up the good work! And yea, it's not the same as chips, but veggies rule!

  2. Kelly, right on with everything you blogged... looking forward to attending your first party in your new home. OH! Did I just invite myself over and start planning your first social gathering? heehee (Hope the photos I sent you arrived.)

  3. Kelly, moving in a new house! How great for you. Just think of all these STRONG BTWG fellow recruits you will be able to rely on to help move things?
    I know what it means to be in the Saturday group and there is no feeling like it in the world. These people are absolutely wonderful! They are so giving. I can't wait for the give and take, both in the yoga class and the group get together.
    Hope you continue to have great feelings this week and see you (hopefully) on Saturday!