Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where have all the (cowboys) bloggers gone?

Where are you, fellow blogmates? I am loving Chris's salad ideas, but it also would be great to hear from anyone out there and how things are going ... ok,ok. I'll start ....
Today is my daughter Emma's 8th birthday! Just typing that fills my heart and eyes. Can she really be 8 already? She is so excited, a few girls are coming over to sleep over, and that is a big deal for Em! (along with making sure her little brother is kept busy during her girl party!) ... This weekend, we hosted a reunion for many of the families we adopted with from China. It was crazy fun: Picture 11 girls running around the house all weekend, creating "shows" and playing basketball , painting the fence with chalk, and eating s'mores while the moms and dads cook, catch up and relax. I got a lot of questions about my weight and wellness -- and a lot of teasing, too! For the most part it was all in fun, but sometimes it felts like folks who are not happy with themselves were throwing some pretty pointed barbs! Mostly, I feel grateful for the folks I have in my life with whom I can share my passion for exercise, nutrition and overall well being. Thanks to all of you! :)


  1. Right on, Kelly. Where did all the bloggers go? I know that folks get busy and all that but I'm always bummed when the BTWG blogs really start to collect dust. Happened with the first group as well, so it's no surprise to see so many idle blogs from the most recent group of grads. Just keep blogging away and perhaps you will inspire others to get back into the groove.

    Thanks for sharing a little of what's going on in your corner of Project: BTWG. Oh, and as for those who seem less than enthused about your progress - you are spot on that it is due to their own guilty conscience; knowing they are not living the life of health, fitness, and well-being even when they know they should. People like you totally blow their excuses for not stepping up. Keep doing your thang, girl!

  2. Kelly!

    Okay, you have inspired me! I am BACK IN THE BLOGOSPHERE!!! I want to echo Chris' thoughts about folks sending you some funk in the way of "kidding". And your thoughts, actually. I do think lots of people can get upset when they see someone on a path they don't see for themselves. But the cool thing is, even the ones who poke fun the most are going to think more than once about what that path might be like for them. And that is a wonderful thing.

    I feel pretty confident where I am at, and still I have felt the ego in me creep up if I see someone that I think might be doing things "better" than me in terms of wellness. So easy to let the fear rise up.

    Anyway, I am super proud of you, and I am going to get back to bloggin', so thanks for kicking my bootie back to keeping up with the group. Jen and I have been bummed that we haven't been able to stay around after yoga the last few saturdays, so hopefully this week we can have a good chat with whoever is around.

    Hope to see you soon!