Tuesday, July 21, 2009

...the best laid plans ...

After yoga class last week, Matt and I headed to Franch Lick, for a night away and the Lyle Lovett concert. (Got the babysitter, the directions, the non-fat latte for the road ...) We got to West Baden Springs and Resort and were treated like royalty from the second we stopped the car. The valet parking, the bellhop with our bags, guiding us through this AMAZING domed atrium and telling us the history of the restored resort. Matt and I were entranced - remember, we don't get away much! :)
We get to the reservation desk and the smiling clerk says, "Oh, I am sorry, you are not booked here, you are booked at French Lick resort, down the road ... " We are quickly whisked around and back to our car and headed to the "other" resort, which reminded Matt of Wishard or Methodist Hospital. (For me, a night away is a night away, but I will admit some disappointment) ... When we get there, our reservations are screwed up and we are in a smoking room! No can do! It took awhile and we finally got a room with two beds and no smoke (very romantic, eh?)
We decide to bring some relaxation to us by checking out the spa and trying out a "mineral" bath from the famous Pluto spring at French Lick. (supposed to cure what ails you, and then some) ... It was actually a 20-minute soak in water that smelled like rotten eggs and looked worse than my well water - but we hadn't showered after Chris' class, so really it was all good ... :)
Next up, fancy schmancy dinner before the show ... we got to the fancy part, but never got to the dinner! We were seated at 6:30 and by 7:45 had to ask for the check (for drinks, bread and butter) and run to the show!
Okay, if you are a Lyle Lovett fan, the show made up for everything! He played for hours and he played blues, folk, gospel, bluegrass, all his fun stuff - I tried to attach a video, but no luck...
The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch! We worked out in the cool fitness center on Sunday a.m., and enjoyed the long ride home together. The kids were happy, and it was good to be home.


  1. No dinner would have driven me CRAZY!!!! But I am so glad Lyle gave you guys a good show. I love him very much. Only have one of his albums, but it's a great one.

    We are off to NY, hold down the yoga mats while we are gone!!

  2. Way to follow the flow and just see what happens without freaking...miss you! Next week perhaps a visit?

  3. Gotta love those travel "adventures". I am glad you were able to a least get away and enjoy a good show.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Hey Kelly,

    Like I always say, "It's not what happens that matters, it's how you respond that matters." Your response allowed space for a great experience in Light of the obstacles.