Wednesday, July 15, 2009

seasonal sentiments ...

As I read Rob's blog about his mother turning 80 and heading East to celebrate, I was struck by the realization of how seasonal my memories are -- how the changing seasons can stir up so many emotions. Two years ago, I drove Route 80 to NJ for a family beach vacation. All six of us children and families, plus mom and dad, stayed for a week at an amazing home in Long Island, in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. It was the last time I had with my dad, as he died very unexpectedly in August 2007. I miss him everyday, but more so in the heat of July, when the world smells of BBQ and chlorine, and the sun beats down until 9 p.m., and then the fireflies take over. It's like the bittersweet memories of my dad are captured in July - playing badminton, flying paper airplanes, drinking red wine and singing off-key - and I can feel them again, like a warm breeze. Dad would have been 75 this October and I am blessed that my last memories of him are so peaceful and fun.
I took a lot of time off this July, to reconnect with my kiddos and rejuvenate and ready myself for another year with IPS! Thusfar, I have fought the urge to fill every moment with action-packed adventures for the kids and long overdue home projects. And still the days whirl by, don't they? ... making way for more seasons, more memories ...
... so I've been swimming a bit to get ready for the Go Girl - how is everyone else doing? And I can't seem to get enough watermelon or tomatoes! They are both so delicious right now!
... time for bed, thanks for reading ...

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    I am sorry that you lost your Dad in '07. A sudden death can be so ripping. I don't you see coming is no easy thing either.
    I am glad you got that great time at their 50th anniversary party, though. Each time I go home to see my family, I wonder how many more times I have to see my Mom. When I think that I could very easily be within twenty times left of ever seeing her, at least in this lifetime, it makes me feel sad, scared, and somehow....failed. I can't fully exlpain that one. Except to say that maybe I know that when her time comes I will have some regret about living 700 miles away from her for the last part of her life.

    Tough stuff.

    Hey, I am glad you are giving yourself some down time. Don't stress to hard about accomplishing a bunch. No one is grading you! Except yourself, I bet! Did your workplace get nailed by the IPS budget cuts?

    I gotta sleep!