Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer school challenges/goals

Hey there!
Still sore, especially in my quads ... took my off day today! We celebrated an early Mother's Day with a hike through Eagle Creek with the kids and some prime family time. Tomorrow, my greatest challenge during summer school begins: I am a single mom for three weeks while Matt teaches in Wisconsin. I know so many women who do this so gracefully, that I am almost embarassed to complain. I know it will take lots of scheduling and no excuses to manage work, workouts, homework, meditation, and kid time solo. My daily intention will be patience and a sense of humor! :)
Other goals for summer school:
1. To read "The Chi of Running"
2. To run at least one fun race or event
3. To try some new healthy summer recipes
4. To find freedom in meditation and stillness
5. To keep focused AND enjoy the journey!
6. To be joyful and grateful for this time in my life
Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms !

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  1. Best of luck on the single mom experiment! I've been there, and it is hard. But you will get through it, one day at a time. Don't stress about your workouts - they will be the best thing for stress relief. And a belated Happy Mother's Day to you.