Saturday, October 31, 2009

PR in the pouring rain ...

What fun! I ran like hell in the Run Like Hell 5K last night on the canal.
Start time: a very wet 7 p.m.
End time: Ran it in 30.09, a PR for me - 9.40 minute miles! (and about 32 ounces of water in my shoes and clothes!)
I really think Chris' Cross Fit training is the reason. Why?
1. I never would have said "what fun!" about running in the rain (or doing burpees) a year ago!
2. It's all about being a badass.
3. Chris never stops challenging me to lift something bigger, do something longer, believe I can be stronger...
... Next running challenge: Thinking about a 5K trail run at Ft. Ben on Nov. 14 - part of the DINO runs and, again, all new to me ... Anybody? Anybody? :)

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Kelly! You kicked butt. Congrats on your 5K PR! I'm proud of you and how far you have come in the past year. You are not the woman you were when you started BTWG in January. And in my book, you are a bad ass! Thanks for the props and the CrossFit shout-out.

    Hail, Burpees!